Ernest & Célestine:
A trip to Gibberitia

It is a brand new adventure that is emerging before Ernest & Célestine when they decide to go to Gibberitia to have Ernest’s broken violin repaired.

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Discover the sparkling adventures of Ernest & Célestine in 2 DVD sets.


The whole town seems determined
to upset Ernest & Célestine !

In this game featuring the wonderful characters of Gabrielle Vincent, you have to help the two friends to find each other. Draw a symbol on the back of your partners. If they recognize it, the two friends get closer, but in case of error, the police advance and could arrest the bear amateur candy!

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Enter the magical world
of Ernest and Celestine

Stories that tell life with a lot of love, sweetness and tenderness.

EIn 1981, Ernest, papa bear with a tender heart, and Célestine, a mischievous little mouse, made their first appearance in the album « Ernest & Célestine ont perdu Siméon ». Other stories followed. Today, 26 albums retrace the adventures of our two heroes. In this watercolor illustrated series, simple pleasures rub shoulders with the small and big worries of everyday life. The preoccupations of early childhood mingle with more serious matters. Friendship, tolerance, solidarity, abandonment, precariousness, love... the themes dealt with in the Ernest & Célestine albums are universal. They are also approached through stories accessible to all audiences, from 3 years old.

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Watercolor of a pink flower, extract from an Ernest & Célestine book
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« For a « picture book » to be endearing, moving, desirable and for communication to be established between the author and the reader (child or adult), it must be drawn « for pleasure ». (…) The child (and the adult-reader) will feel this joy. It will communicate to him, quite naturally. If the author, the draftsman, draws or paints first for himself, the picture book will passion also the adult, the parent who will read, will tell the story all the better to his child (or his pupils) that he will be touched or moved. (…) There will be a beautiful complicity between the reader and the child. (…) The author, the adult-reader and the child, each will share the pleasure and the « vibration ». »

Excerpt from a letter from Gabrielle Vincent in 1994 to her Japanese publishers

Watercolor of pink flowers on the ground, extract from an Ernest & Célestine book

The values of Ernest & Célestine

Ernest & Célestine's commitment is deeply humanistic. Throughout the albums, the two characters transmit universal values such as sharing, tolerance, inclusion, etc. The Monique Martin Foundation and the Ernest & Célestine brand continue this commitment. To this end, various activities are carried out: partnerships and collaborations with associations related to childhood, actions in schools and hospitals and the production of educational content for schools and parents. Ernest & Célestine invite young and old to appropriate these universal values to participate in a sustainable world. Values that the artist Gabrielle Vincent has advocated and defended all her life. To transmit these values ​​and reach the general public, the Foundation regularly organizes exhibitions. Some are available for purchase or rental.

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